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Why Nothing Compares to AST’s Premiere Helical Flight Forming System

TruHelix™ - The Genuine Flight Forming System - Nothing Compares Today, there are many organisations around the world that claim to have a Helical Screw Flight Manufacturing System that lifts the cloak on the “Black Art” that is sectional screw flight forming. Some claim to have technology that is the equivalent of AST, however, they have realistically done nothing more than dress up existing methods and techniques, and some have attempted to copy our revolutionary technology yet do not understand how it works! All are missing the most vital elements that differentiates our system from others. These critical components ...


AST’s Premiere Helical Flight Forming System – Nothing Compares

WHAT IS THE TruHelix™ FLIGHT FORMING SYSTEM? The TruHelix™ Flight Forming System is revolutionary new technology consisting of a suite of software to quickly design a huge range and types of sectional spiral flights, transfer the design criteria to a program that advises the operator which set of tooling to select from the pack, set up by hand in minutes and form quality sectional flights on an NC controlled press. De-Skills the “Old Black Art” of Spiral Flight Design and Manufacturer Achieve in minutes what used to take hours Train Operators in days not months and years Easy ...


AST wins the prestigious 2016 NSW ECA Innovation at the Export Awards

Every year the top Australian businesses are recognised with the prestigious Export Awards in Australia. The awards are judged on categories such as Creative Industries, Environmental Solutions, Digital Technologies, Innovation and International Development. This year AST attended the awards and won the 2016 NSW ECA Innovation Award!


TruHelix™ will revolutionise USA screw helical flight manufacture

Advanced Spiral Technology is pleased to announce that a world renowned manufacture has recently purchased two TruHelix Flight Forming machines with delivery scheduled for the end of December 2013 and commissioning at their US based facility to take place early 2014.


TruHelix™ – Flight Forming Technology Lifts the cloak on an old ‘Black Art’

Until Advanced Spiral Technology's TruHelix Flight Forming System helical screw flights were primarily formed by "pitch" dependent dies in various forming machines. The accuracy and consistency of the helical form was largely a function of the die pitches, the experience of the press operator and the accuracy of the cut annulus from which the helix was formed.

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