TruHelix™ will revolutionise USA screw helical flight manufacture

Feb 04, 2017

Advanced Spiral Technology is pleased to announce that a world renowned manufacture has recently purchased two TruHelix™ Flight Forming machines with delivery scheduled for the end of December 2013 and commissioning at their US based facility to take place early 2014. This is on top of the recent purchase of a second TruHelix™ Flight Forming machine by our ‘partner’ in Italy and the recent signing of a market leading Texan company.

These new ‘partnerships’, along with our existing partners in Europe and Australia reinforces the advantages in quality, efficient, accuracy and consistency that organizations can gain by investing in AST’s TruHelix™ Sectional Screw Flight Forming Technology.

There are two critical aspects when manufacturing sectional screw flights:

  1. The development of the flight blank
  2. The efficient and accurate forming of the flight blank into a finished sectional screw flight.

1. The development of the flight blank: Flight blanks have traditionally been generated by trial and error methodology, with inevitable wastage of resources – particularly when the screw flight needs to incorporate intricate tapers, legs or notches. As a result sectional screw flight manufacture has been virtually a secret art.

2. The efficient and accurate forming of the flight blank into a finished sectional screw flight: Once the flight blank has been accurately developed and cut it needs the helical shape formed in it giving the finished sectional screw flight. Traditionally this has been done using “size” specific tooling in a press. This method also relies heavily on the skill and application of the operator to ensure that the finished flight is correct and of high quality.

To truly manufacture Sectional Screw Flights with consistent accuracy, in an efficient manner, with high quality, then you require a complete system not just a forming machine.

AST has developed hardware, software and procedures for sectional screw flight manufacture that enables the operators to be proficient and productive after minimal training. In short AST has formalised what was once the “black art” of sectional screw flight forming. We have developed a screw flight forming system – TruHelix™ – that produces true and accurate helices from start to finish.

What is TruHelix™ – Flight Forming Technology?

TruHelix™ is a sectional flight forming system that incorporates revolutionary patented hardware along with purpose designed and constructed software to eliminate the heavily reliance on operator expertise.

Our TruHelix™ Flight Forming Technology does not rely on the traditional pitch dependent dies. The TruHelix™ system employs interchangeable forming plates that can be utilised for both right and left hand forming. The inventory of plates is relatively small compared to the enormous stock of pitched dies (right and left hand) required for “traditional” flight forming.