We call the SuperTyro™ the machine that is a 21st century technology intelligent press. Compact and easy to fit into only 4.899-square meters of floor space, the 8.3-metric ton (18,300-pound) machine is built to stand hard abuse and have a life span in excess of 20-years.

FEA (Finite Element Analysis) software is used extensively to model all the potential stress points that can be exerted with a press capable of 250-bar (3,626-psi) so that it will always function well within a generous safety factor. The SuperTyro™ is also flexible enough for a range of applications that involve low volume production of standard simple helical screw flights as well as screws requiring advanced helical screw flight design features such as tapers, notches, intraleg, canted, and over-pitched.

Overall Length 3730 mm (147)
Overall Width 1290 mm (51”)
Overall Height 1840 mm (72.5”)
Weight 8,300 kgs (18,300 lbs)
Platform Static with workbench and pipe stand mounts Optional Extras
Platform adjustable Optional Extra