Key Benefits of the TruHelix™ Helical Screw Flight Forming System:

Doesn’t use heavy, pitch dependent forming dies. It uses a pack of lightweight forming plates that can produce sectional helical screw flights of unprecedented quality regardless of the pitch, outside diameter, and inside diameter.

The same set of forming plates can be used to produce both left and right-hand flights. Our patented system utilizes tensile strength and material spring back factors and other scientific data built into the software to ensure the accuracy of the forming process dependent on sizes and materials to be cut and formed.

Tooling wear and maintenance costs are greatly reduced using our process of forming helical screw flights.

TruForm™ tools take up a fraction of the space required for conventional dies and can be changed by hand in minutes.

Operator training to reach full production capability is measured in days, not years… producing top-quality helical flights three to five times faster than old methods.

The TruFlight™ Flight Blank Designer program will accurately calculate the perfect blank size based on inputting the finished size of your required helical flight. The Machine Configuration Tool shows the operator exactly how to set up the forming plates and what information to put into the AST forming machine controls to consistently produce quality helical screw flights time after time.

The TruHelix™ Helical Screw Flight Forming System forms, not deforms, the material to achieve a pure true helix shape requiring minimal operator input. Fitting to the center tube and the helical screw flight ends are improved and results in additional labor and time savings due to helical screw flights consistently fitting better.

Conforms to all known OH&S requirements and meets CE (European Community) requirements for safety.