TruHelix™ – Flight Forming Technology Lifts the cloak on an old ‘Black Art’

Feb 04, 2017

Until Advanced Spiral Technology’s TruHelix™ Flight Forming System helical screw flights were primarily formed by “pitch” dependent dies in various forming machines. The accuracy and consistency of the helical form was largely a function of the die pitches, the experience of the press operator and the accuracy of the cut annulus from which the helix was formed. All of this cloaked the black art that was “Flight Forming”.

Advanced Spiral Technology’s TruHelix™ Flight Forming System:

  1. Has eliminated any and all of the constraints and limitations associated with the black art of sectional screw flight manufacture.
  2. Is so revolutionary that no experience is necessary. You will be able to consistently produce accurate sectional screw flights with the best quality in the world at efficiency rates 2 to 8 times better than any other system.
  3. Is CE approved and has an EC certificate of conformity – it is the only Flight Forming System that incorporates guarding to protect the operator.

With Systems installed, or installations scheduled, in Australia x1, Brazil x1, Denmark x1, France x1 Italy x2, South Africa x1 and the USA x4, Advanced Spiral Technology’s TruHelix™ Flight Forming Technology is quickly establishing itself as the most advantageous and easy to use Sectional Screw Flight manufacturing system in the world. Companies that once purchased their sectional screw flight requirements from a so called expert manufacturer are now realizing the savings and flow on benefits that manufacturing themselves, in-house, can provide. Plus they produce a far superior product which further saves them time and money.

If you are a company that regularly purchases sectional screw flights from a sub supplier then you should also be investing in one of Advanced Spiral Technology’s TruHelix™ Flight Forming System’s and pocketing the rewards that your sub supplier is currently reaping from you.

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TruHelix™ – Adjustable, interchangeable Forming Plates that can be utilized for both Right Hand and Left Hand forming. Special design for no wear and no maintenance.

Black Art – Restrictive pitch dependant forming dies that requires numerous sets of Right Hand tools and the equivalent sets of Left Hand tools. Regular wear, regular maintenance.

TruHelix™ Benefits

  • Less tool sets, yet can be set to cover every conceivable flight combination perfectly
  • Minimal storage space, cabinet 1.5 metres high x 1.2 metres wide x 0.5 metres deep
  • No maintenance
  • No experience necessary


TruHelix™ – All forming machines include a PLC which calculates and controls all the forming constraints. It sets the machine’s forming gaps and pressure, specific to the flight combination, to ensure uniform indexing and identical pressing of every helix.

Black Art – Relies solely on the operator’s experience, attitude and attention to detail to achieve an adequate result. Lack of experience can result in an inferior product. If an operator is having a “bad hair” day it can show in the finished product.

TruHelix™ Benefits

  • Every flight is identical
  • Eliminates any need for reliance on the operator
  • No experience required


TruHelix™ – Flight Blank Designer program accurately calculates and draws the flight blank development, regardless of the combination or complexity.

Black Art – Refer to the ‘book of sizes’, take an educated guess, try CAD program developments regardless of the technique the confidence in obtaining an accurate result first time is low so trials are needed to ultimately achieve an acceptable, but not always accurate, outcome.

TruHelix™ Benefits

  • Correct and accurate flights first time every time
  • No material wastage
  • No expensive lost time
  • No experience required


TruHelix™ – Is true forming with no defamation which provides a perfect fit on the centre tube and perfect matching of the flight ends.

Black Art – Is often deforming which then requires multiple runs and several reworks by an ‘expert’ operator to at least achieve a satisfactory result. Fit on the centre tube and matching at the flight ends is often compromised.

TruHelix™ Benefits

  • Pure helical shape
  • Quick and easy fitting which saves time and money for you and/or your customer
  • No reworks or manipulation
  • No experience required


TruHelix™ – Machine Configuration Tool (Virtual Tool Setter) incorporates a scientific calculation of the materials proportional limits by utilising 0.2% Proof Stress – Stress/Strain Test in conjunction with Young’s Modulus to correctly select the ideal tool set and then provide a precise machine/tool set up that will form the flight perfectly in one pass without any manipulation or rework. All standard materials are in the program and new or exotic materials can be easily added at any time.

Black Art – Take an educated guess and then keep resetting, manipulating and reworking until you achieve a result that resembles something satisfactory.

TruHelix™ Benefits

  • Correct tools and set up first time
  • Different material characteristics and spring-back differentials are calculated
  • Quick, one pass forming with no need for manipulation or rework
  • No experience required


TruHelix™ – CE approved and EC certificate of conformity. TruHelix™ is the only Flight Forming System that incorporates guarding to protect the operator.

Black Art – Danger! Danger! Danger!

TruHelix™ Benefits

  • Approved to some of the most strict safety regulations in the world
  • Fully guarded to protect the operator