AST’s Premiere Helical Flight Forming System – Nothing Compares

Dec 05, 2018


The TruHelix™ Flight Forming System is revolutionary new technology consisting of a suite of software to quickly design a huge range and types of sectional spiral flights, transfer the design criteria to a program that advises the operator which set of tooling to select from the pack, set up by hand in minutes and form quality sectional flights on an NC controlled press.

  • De-Skills the “Old Black Art” of Spiral Flight Design and Manufacturer
  • Achieve in minutes what used to take hours
  • Train Operators in days not months and years
  • Easy to set up with minimal space required for SuperTyro™ machine and TruForm™ forming equipment
  • Extremely user-friendly requiring no on-site specialist to set up or run
  • Minimal to no on-going maintenance or tooling replacement


Staff can be trained within days to produce quality flights.

Makes flights quicker, allows for variance in material yield from mill.

Produces flights with leg, notches simply and easily.

Produces flights with exceedingly long pitches, that are difficult to impossible on pitch dependent dies.

Tooling is ambidextrous, all tooling is both left and right handed, no need to have left AND right-hand dies sitting on the shelf.

  • No requirement for highly skilled tool-setters/operators or degree qualified engineers.
  • High production levels that can be set up and run very quickly
  • Flights are right first time, no fiddling or playing around to get them to fit
  • The ability to produce unique flights that cannot be manufactured on a traditional pitch dependent press
  • Support is 24/7 on-line via an Ethernet connection direct to the machine


Designed by a company with over 50-years’ experience of manufacturing sectional spiral flights. The software is very simple to use even for highly technical flights, by merely entering the required finished flight dimensions and the material type the software quickly produces a drawing in .dxf format to save or transfer to nesting programs or AutoCAD.

The same data is then automatically transferred to the Machine Configuration Program.

This software tells the operator which set of four specially hardened forming plates to take from the steel segregated chest and exactly how to set them into the SuperTyro™ NC press.

Once set up the operator merely transfers the simple specification data to the SuperTyro™ NC Press and presses a foot switch to begin the forming process. The machine will press identically every time, even with a different operator.

The process is machine driven, scientifically, NOT skill driven by experience.