Screw Helical Flight Development, how to develop a screw flight, screw helical flight calculation program

May 24, 2017

A Virtual Engineer at your fingertips
Enabling you to Remain a step ahead

Experience the cost and time savings associated with the
AST’s Flight Blank Designer

  • Discard the ‘Book of Sizes’
  • Eliminate the need for trial and error
  • Enter your parameters and get an instant result
  • Eliminate development time
  • Get it right the first time every time
  • Free up precious time for money making activities
  • Quicker turnaround, better service, satisfied customers

Advanced Spiral Technology’s Sectional Screw Flight Blanks Development Program – Flight Blank Designer — offers manufacturers of Sectional Screw Flights, or those contemplating the manufacture of Sectional Screw Flights, the ability to accurately calculate 1,000’s of different combinations of Flight Blanks instantaneously.

  • Enter the finished size of your Sectional Screw Flight and click the Calculate button
  • A drawing of your Sectional Screw Flight Blank along with the developed size will be generated on your screen
  • Click the save button and you can save the Blank Development as an AutoCad Drawing Exchange Format file with a file extension ‘.dxf’ on your computer
  • The Blank Development file can then be:
    • Imported to your nesting program
    • Imported to your cutting system program
    • Transferred to your subcontractor for cutting
    • Filed for future use