SuperTyro™ a Machine with the Skills Built-In

AST SuperTyro IP

For many years the sister company of AST used standard vertical presses with fixed pitch dies, the same as everyone else in the industry had done for decades.

These presses were basically designed for a multitude of uses, inherently unsafe and slow.

The first move was to go to a horizontal press and angle the work area towards the operator for improved ergonomics and ease of use.

However there was still a great deal of input required by the operators, using fixed pitch dies that required constant maintenance and operator skill to make something like a perfect flight, that was reasonably consistent each time. Basically “blacksmithing” a spiral flight.

With the advent of the patented TruForm™ Forming Tooling and TruHelix™ Flight Forming software developed in the 1990’s it was time to bring the press into the 21st Century as well.

Working in conjunction with well known international hydraulics experts and developing our in-house software AST produced a press with the skills built in. The SuperTyro™ IP was born.

Compact and easy to fit into only 4.899-square metres of floor space, the 8.3-metric tonne (18,300-pound) machine is built to stand hard abuse and have a life span in excess of 20-years.

FEA (Finite Element Analysis) software is used extensively to model all the potential stress points that can be exerted with a press capable of 250-bar (3,626-psi) so that it will always function well within a generous safety factor.

High quality Australian steel plates are cut, welded and stress-relived to an extremely high standard of welding in a shop that has been passed for military spec standards, hard chrome shafts and phosphor bronze inserts with carbon inlays ensure that the frame moves easily through its range of movement with little to no wear of the components.

All components used in construction are generic and available worldwide, such as Parker-Hannifin, ABB, Beckoff, Siemens, Schneider, Twin CAT and Phoenix all quality products supported around the globe.

The SuperTyro™ IP can is fitted as standard with an Ethernet connection to allow off-site troubleshooting and problem solving should it ever be required. As an option the SuperTyro™ IP can also be fitted with a modem for both local and wide range connection, including to a mobile phone.

The HMI (Touch Screen) Control also supports viewing software, which allows remote access to the screen and control from a PC or mobile phone.

Premium hydraulic components control the movement of the press down to ≤ 5μM (0.000005-mm) together with oil-less bearings and low friction to keep running costs to a minimum.

AST can categorically state that the SuperTyro™ IP is much more than just a press.

It is a 21st Century technology Intelligent Press.

SuperTyro™ IP Specifications
Standard Electrics – 380V to 415V/50 or 60Hz/3Ph
Weight 8.3-metric tonnes (18,300-pounds)
Dimensions Length 3.798-metres Width 1.29-metres Height 1.8-metres
Motor Power – 23kW
Hydraulic Tank Capacity - 260–litres
Max Outlet Presssure – 25 Mpa (3,626 psi)
Press Force – 80 Metric Tonnes
Standard Colour - Blue and Gold
Fully Integrated Construction
CE Approved
Foot Control - Dual, Safety Switch
NEW 10” Colour Touch Screen, PLC & Forming Parameters Program
NEW Beckoff PLC and Control System
NEW Uprated Parker Hydraulic System
NEW Large Open Side Inspection Panel with gas strut assistance
NEW Modular Hydraulics for simple maintenance
Factory Tested and pre-calibrated prior to shipping
Ethernet remote access point
Optional modem connection (at additional cost)