AST Continue to Lead the Way with New Helical Screw Flight Forming Technology

Feb 26, 2020

The Australian based company, Advanced Spiral Technology are living up to their name by launching new and improved technology onto the flight forming market and continuing to lead from the front.

Ten years ago, the majority of spiral flight forming companies around the world were still using technology that had been in general use for decades. Locally manufactured modified presses, using old fixed pitch tooling technology and the need to employ highly experienced operators. Using a trial and error approach to the design of the flight was time consuming, costly and inherently, not very safe.

When AST’s sister company BulkNet decided to take a paradigm shift in how they designed and manufactured flights, they had no idea that this concept would revolutionise the flight manufacturing industry around the world and launch a new branch of the company.

Ten years later, AST are releasing the very latest Tyro Titan machine, with the first two machines ordered for India and the USA.

In only seven short years, AST now have close to seventy systems in use around the world. The new Titan will back up the extremely popular SuperTyro™, Tyro and Vulcan models of machine.

Fitted with AST’s unique patented TruForm™ tooling the Titan is particularly useful in the production of large agricultural augers fitted to feed bins which are commonly known as TMR (Total Mixed Ration) Feed Mixers in the USA, as well as Getrokken Voermengwagens in the Netherlands, Selbstlandender-Futtermisch Wagon in German speaking countries, Mezclador de Forraje, Mezcladores Alimentadores and 饲喂搅拌车 in Brazil, Spain and China.

In fact, any spiral flight straight or tapered, up to approximately 2.8-metres in diameter. Flights can be designed quickly with more accuracy, using the TruFlight™ software and then pressed quicker and safer with less material wastage than using old traditional methods.

AST have effectively spawned a new manufacturing process that simply did not exists 10-years ago. AST personnel with over half a century of experience manufacturing helical flights and screw conveyors, have played a crucial role, in being able to invent a totally new way to produce sectional spiral flights.

Of course, being the market leader by a wide margin is always fraught by “me too” marketers and unscrupulous companies lacking in ethics and producing in countries that ignore patent laws. And people that purchase exclusively on cheap prices, will always be these companies’ lawful prey.

However, the huge knowledge and spirit of innovation that set AST aside as pioneers in this niche market continues and the launch of the Titan models serves to prove that AST will continue to lead the way in spiral flight technology for many years to come.

AST continue to innovate, not imitate.