North American OEM

Our customers frequently require augers that are abrasion resistant for increased life. The SuperTyro™ Flighting Press forms hardfaced flights easily and accurately and is a critical piece of equipment for “The Operative” to manufacture both abrasion resistant and hardened steel augers. The SuperTyro™ has been a dependable machine for “The Operative”. When we have had issues the service has been very good and timely.


African Helical Flight Manufacturer

“The Operative” has been manufacturing Continuous Rolled and Sectional flights in Africa for over 40 years and is imprinted in Africa as the leading manufacturer of Helical Flights, Over the many years “The Operative” strive to manufacture quality, accurate helical flights in a timely manner, meeting these requirements over the years has been a challenge when manufacturing sectional helical flights, as the traditional way of doing things was time consuming and expensive and the accuracy not always guaranteed. This lead us to start searching for a new improved way of pressing helical flights that would meet the requirements as ...


South American Helical Flight Manufacturer

The SuperTyro™ is a true revolution in manufacturing of screw flights, this machine have a very high technology True Helix where we can work with agility, precision and security, consequently with this we can make new customers with the more high quality in screw flights. Despite the distance of more than 14,000km, the support is very fast and the information is clear, the team of AST is always prepared to help us.


Industrial Engineering

“The Operative”, is proud to say we own a SuperTyro™ and TruFlight™ software suite we can form our own full flights more accurately and faster than outsourcing this service. Whether we are producing a variable pitch and outside dimension or duplicating existing augers the advanced computer system will calculate the project exactly, leaving no room for operator error. Streamlining this process has made it more convenient and reduced costs. The only barrier we have run into is incorrect ordering. We have implemented ways to help educate customers. Using visuals, quote request forms and of course asking questions is crucial to making sure we ...


European Helical Flight Manufacturer

We are a 25 year old French company specialized in the industry of flights and screw manufacturing. We first got in contact with AST in September 2013 thanks to a video we found on the internet. The video was a shock to us as the technology we were watching was revolutionary compared to the one we were using. After a visit to AST in October 2013, we decided to purchase this technology and received it in late June 2014. We have been using AST’ technology for the past 3 months and consider it a true technological breakthrough as it ...


European Helical Flight Manufacturer

I would like to thank AST for their innovative production system for sectional screw flights. I have been using AST’s TruHelix™ Flight Forming system for several years. This revolutionary system has brought important benefits to my company, “The Operative”. Compared to traditional system we utilised in the past, AST’s system is highly innovative. The system for programming TruFlight™ software suite allows the construction of sectional screw flights without error. The TruFlight™ software suite is easy and intuitive to use. It is immediately possible to calculate and design the figure to be transmitted to the machinery tools in the production department. These factors mean ...

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