Advanced Spiral Technology Pty Ltd (AST) was formed, almost 20 years ago, as a vehicle to bring the world’s best practice in Sectional Screw Flight Helix manufacture and Screw Conveyor design to the global market. AST has developed, and continues to expand and improve, the only true Sectional Screw Flight Helix Manufacturing System that has the intelligence built in. Our System provides painless entry into Sectional Screw Flight Helix manufacture for those who wish to embark on this endeavour, and refinement and reinforcement for those who have already commenced the journey.

The technology that AST brings to the market place is the result of the cooperative efforts of Greg Bloxham of Scott-Osmond Pty Ltd, who have been at the vanguard of innovative Screw Conveyor design spanning five decades, and Scott Kelf of Scott Spiral Pty Ltd, who have long been regarded as a world leader in the manufacture of Sectional Screw Flight Helices. After many years, many attempts and many dollars spent trialling and testing new ideas and thoughts, Greg was able to invent a unique and revolutionary method for the forming of Sectional Screw Flight Helices which could be seamlessly coupled with his Flight Designer Software Suite resulting in the birth of the TruHelix™ System.

With Demonstration sites in Australia, Europe and North America along with its manufacturing capabilities in Australia and China, AST offers a truly global presence. Approaching 50 Systems installed, in 20 different countries on 6 different continents, AST is proud of its position as the true expert and pacesetter in its field.

AST are not yet finished. By melding the vast knowledge and experience, both theoretical and practical, of Greg and Scott combined with the establishment of a fulltime dedicated R & D team, AST have lifted the cloak on the secretive and mysterious, yet hazardous and inefficient, struggle that was Sectional Screw Flight Helix manufacture – the “Black Art”. Our ongoing commitment to ever improve and refine the TruHelix™ System ensures that we will continue to bring you the most advanced technology in Screw Flight Helical Blank design and Screw Flight Helical manufacture.